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Riding programs

Our riding programs are determined by your personal goals and riding experience. We offer instruction in many different disciplines of riding depending on your desires. Although we do specialize in Dressage, we have various options available. We provide safe gentle school horses if you are just starting out or more experienced horses for advanced riders. Or we can give you lessons on your own horse. Children as old as three and adults of any age can come and learn to ride. We can accommodate any of your riding goals, from excelling in the show ring or to simply learn to ride comfortably in the arena.

Riding Lessons for Children

Is your child “horse crazy” and wants to ride?

There are many benefits to teaching kids to ride. Horsemanship is an athletic pursuit that requires balance, control and strength. But also children also must learn to consider the comfort and needs of the horse in a safe structured way. Our lessons are structured so the child learns basic horsemanship fundamentals first, then progresses to more advanced riding skills. Our goals for the child are to build confidence and to have fun. Our program is geared towards kids ages 7 - 17.  We offer instruction in Western and English discipline. Lessons are provided on gentle and safe horses that are easy to learn on and fun to ride. Groups range from 2-4 students per class.

New Rider Programs

Have you always dreamed of learning to ride a horse? Have you ridden as a child but haven’t been on horse for years?

If you answered yes to any of these questions above we can help! We have riding classes with safe gentle horses for you to learn on. Or you can  take lessons on your horse. Our program will gently guide you through the basics of riding in order to build a solid riding foundation. You will not only learn to riding but also learn to understand horses, horse care and horsemanship. Please contact Lin at Kla Training to about your goals and interests, or use the contact form on this site.

Advanced Riding

Do you want to be a better rider? Do you want to show? Are you and your horse ready to take the next step?

Kla Training offers personal coaching for the more experienced rider. Each program is geared specifically to your needs and goals. Please contact Lin at Kla Training to come up with your personal program.