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Horse Training Programs

Horse Training Programs

Do you want your horse to behave better? Do you want to take your horse to another level of training? Do you want to show or compete? Does your horse need to be tuned up in order to show?

In addition to rider lessons the horse might need additional training in order to achieve your goals. Lessons and horse training can be mixed and matched in order to build the right program for you. Lin Wool has trained and shown horses in various disciplines from dressage to western pleasure for many years. Kla Training will set up a training program for your horse's individual needs in order to meet your personal goals.

Please call Lin Wool at: 408/655-2315 or fill out the contact form on this site to set up your personalized training program today!

Solving Specific Horse and Rider problems

Are you scared to ride? Is your horse scared? Did you have an accident and both you and your horse needs help? Does your horse have behavior problems that need to be solved? Do you have issues with your horse that you need help with?

Kla Training can help you with many specific problems that may not require long months of training but each case is individual and very specific.
Sometimes fear in either the horse or rider is a problem. Fear is a very real component in riding and can happen for many reasons. Creating a step-by-step program will build confidence and put you back on track. The most important factor to this process is creating a safe environment while working with the horse. Kla Training specializes in these types of problems and would like to help you.